Niemettäret Women's Choir

Niemettäret is a women's choir from Kangasniemi, Finland with a history of forty years. Kangasniemi is situated in South East Finland, in the middle of the Lake District. The nearest cities are Pieksämäki, Mikkeli and Jyväskylä.

In 2017 Niemettäret will celebrate its 40th anniversary. The choir's program consists of a variety of spiritual, traditional, classical and light music. Niemettäret performs in surrounding towns and also participates in events in Kangasniemi itself.

Niemettäret is an independent association. In addition to the contribution by its members Niemettäret receives subsidies from the municipality of Kangasniemi and the church community. The income depends on the creativity of the members; they can bake cakes, have raffles and participate in flea markets.
Singing helps build a bond between the members of the choir. At the moment there are 21 members singing in the choir. The current choir leader Sakari Ainali took charge in 2015.

juhla niemettaret2

Concert in Kangasniemi municipal hall.

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